People who are really into beer tend to have a love-hate relationship when ranking their beloved brews in a list. Check your Facebook or Twitter feed feed right now and you’re sure to see someone who thinks your go-to beer isn’t all that hot – or vice-versa. Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying it gets people riled up and the conversation started. We feature two controversial lists this week so let us know what you disagree with.

In this edition of the Hoplinks, another brewery changes their name, Spartans resurrect a local grain, an Oregon brewery is hitting Chicago, and the aforementioned lists get people talking.

CHICAGO, IL – Brewery in the making Olde Bulldog has changed their name to Bold Dog Beer Company. The change comes as a result of a conflict with Indiana’s Bulldog Brewery. Best of luck to them with their new name! [Bold Dog Beer Company Facebook]

MICHIGAN – Three-quarters of us at THR call ourselves Michigan State Alumni so it’s great to see our Alma Mater contributing to the craft beer industry. MSU researchers have set their sites on resurrecting “Spartan” barley, a long forgotten but previously very popular source for Michigan brewers. [AgBioResearch – MSU]

CHICAGO, IL – Bend, Oregan’s

Deschutes Brewery is coming to the Windy City on August 22nd. The Logan Square event will feature a 402 foot bar and dozens of Deschutes beers, including some rarities like the much acclaimed Abyss[Deschutes Brewery]

USA – Hey, it’s another best beer city list for us to argue about! In our completely biased opinion, Chicago could be a little higher, but maybe that’s due to our low taprooms to brewery ratio. Other choices are pretty questionable (Atlanta at 10?) and we could have predicted number 1. Argue away! [Travel + Leisure]

USA – People love making lists, and here’s another one that attempts to do the impossible by ranking America’s 50 best breweries. There’s a definite slant toward the big boys here but, as with any list, to each their own. [The Daily Meal]