The Oak Cliff borough of Dallas, Texas owns its place on the town/city scale: it’s small. It was with that modesty, that the aptly named Small Brewpub positioned itself in the local community. And as design firm Mast explains, the name is not for derogatory reasons. Rather, it’s “for the story of how they came to fruition.”

The creative team behind the brewpub branding goes on to explain, “What started as a few friends hosting a weekly backyard party to share the beer they made, eventually grew into a full brewing operation, bar, and restaurant. A unique brand approach was chosen, which combined Texas heritage with a vintage circus motif as a play on the name itself. It was important to the owners to represent where they call home, but also not take themselves too seriously.”

The Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas is a very tight-knit group of people. Walking into the neighborhood coffee shop, you are bound to see at least one friend, if not 10. Small is no different, as they truly believe in their community.

— Studio Mast

During construction, Small wanted to put something up to give the community a preview of things to come. We developed a group of posters that were wheat-pasted on the plywood construction barrier. When Small opened, we took down the barrier and completed a new wheat-paste on one of the inside walls.

— Studio Mast


Photography & images from Small Brewpub & StudioMast.co