Victory Brewing Company is back with their annual Moonglow release. And this Weizenbock is a wealth of flavor. Slightly fruity notes up front are finished with plenty of breadiness with each sip. Not exactly what you might expect from your other “wheat” beers, but definitely in line with a more traditional bock or dunkelweizen. Malty, rich, bready and ready for autumn. If you’re in the market for a non-brown, non-stout, non-pumpkin beer for fall – give’r a try.

Some specs:

Malts: Imported two-row German malts including wheat
Hops: Whole flower German hops
ABV: 8.7%

Bold and fleeting as the harvest moon, this tempting wheat ale comes alive with the spirit of autumn. Bright, fruity aromas of apples and bananas kindle together with the rich scent of nuts and deep warmth of freshly baked bread. Haunting in its complexity, this dark bock beer soothes the soul and enlivens the senses to create the perfect autumnal libation. Brewed in the tradition of unfiltered Bavarian weizenbocks, Moonglow shines with a radiance all its own!

— Victory Brewing Company