How Vitamin Sea Brewing Became the Best Brewery of 2019

On the Record

“Now people’s introduction to drinking beer is New England IPAs and it just sucks.”
A Pint with Cory Bonfiglio, a New York Beer Legend
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“A friend calls and says, ‘Hey, why don’t you come here and share a beer with our friends?’ One thing leads to another, and all of a sudden there are 1,500 people per session drinking your beer. That’s amazing.”
Trillium’s Field Trip Beer Fest Brings Brewers and Drinkers Together
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“This is our happy place. No one lives here on accident. The winters are hard. It’s pretty remote. You have to have that spirit of loving the outdoors. We want to encourage people to embrace what the mountains have to offer and escape that corporate city life when they get burnt out.”
Discovering Mountain Life at Outer Range Brewing Co.
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“Stop judging the cider against the original fruit, it’s a completely different thing. It’s not apple juice.”
The Best Craft Cider to Drink this Summer
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“Similar to winemakers, at Threes we are interested in seeing how locality, terroir, and harvest environments impact the end product.”
Eternal Return from Threes Brewing Is a Perfect Beer for Wine Drinkers
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