When will we officially hit that magic 10k breweries in the U.S.? Wait, has it happened already? We’re certainly getting close.

According to the Brewers Association, the number of craft breweries in the U.S. continues to grow, with 9,552 the all-time high record count in 2022, including 549 new brewery openings.

That’s a whole heck of a lot of new breweries. We couldn’t possibly visit all of them, but in our teams’ travels over the year, we did our best to visit more than a few.

Honestly, we consider these adventures some of the best parts of our jobs, seeking out the new taprooms, the nascent beer gardens, the pop-up beer producers, and the new-school (or old-school) craft breweries.

So below you’ll find a list of the top new breweries our team discovered and drank at in 2023. For the most part, these are places that opened a taproom for the first time or started a new brand in the past twelve months (but like we tend to do, you’ll find a couple on here from 2022).

To get a representative list, we called on folks across the Next Glass team from different backgrounds and geographies, asking them to share their favorites!

To that end, we’ve presented the best newly opened craft breweries in no particular order.

Of course, any “best” list is open to interpretation, so take these picks with a grain of salt. (And if you have a suggestion slide into our DMs @hopculturemag).

But without further ado: Here are our picks for the best new breweries of 2023.

The Best New Breweries of 2023

Fait La Force Brewing

Nashville, TN
Submitted by: Grace Lee-Weitz, Senior Content Editor, Hop Culture

fait la force brewing co-founders parker loudermilk and zachary sowada
Photography courtesy of Fait La Force Brewing

Started by Parker Loudermilk and Zachary Sowada, Fait La Force stands for the Belgian motto “L’Union Fait La Force,” which essentially translates to strength in unity.

When Loudermilk and Sowada opened the Belgian- and European-focused brewery after a five-year journey, they wanted to ensure that the taproom felt like a place for everyone—regardless of their background, gender, or sexuality.

“We were very aware of the fact of what Zack and I look like—just another couple of bearded white guys in the beer industry,” Loudermilk told me when I visited Nashville for the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) back in May. “How can we be a force for change, creating a seat at the table for people of all races, all genders, all sexualities? No matter who you are, we want to be a place you’re welcome to come to.”

Hosts of a Pride night during CBC and a ceremony for the Michael James Jackson Foundation (MJF), Fait La Force, is living up to its name, brewing a wide variety of beers for everyone.

Walk up to the bar to order, and you’ll notice a wall full of old Victorian portraits showcasing all races and genders. That’s intentional.

“Our brand infuses old-world and new-world but also the idea of being a more inclusive and welcoming place,” says Loudermilk, who describes the taproom as an old Victorian castle that was abandoned and became a cool spot to hang out with an old-school NBA Jam arcade game, for example. “We wanted to be intentional about the portrait wall in terms of representation and inclusion … but in a way that’s very inviting and welcoming and not intimidating or pretentious. Want to be a casual, warm, cozy place where people can hang out, but also a place putting out beer at a high level.”

Spoiler alert: They are.

Ask Sowada, who handles all of the brewing on Fait La Force’s tiny 5-bbl system, the beer he’s most proud of, and he’ll tell you Orchestral Fanfare, a Belgian-style saison he’s been working on since first picking up homebrewing.

“The goal is always to have at least one saison on at all times,” Sowada told me, noting Orchestral Fanfare hits all the right notes he’s looking for in the style—bubblegum, citrus pith, and black pepper, with a hidden line of New Zealand hops that’s his twist.

“Regardless of people buying them or not, we’re going to have a saison on,” chimes in Loudermilk.

“Well, we had three on at [once], and that was too many,” laughs Sowada.

The brewery’s Belgian influence comes from seeing an opportunity for a hyper-focused Belgian brewery in Nashville. And their love of Belgium and its beers. Sowada even spent his honeymoon there.

In addition to Belgian styles, you’ll also find many European-leaning ones.

Such as Imperial Menace, the Czech-style dark lager I tried after hearing it had been a crowd favorite of the weekend.

Elegant and lithe, Imperial Menace drank with the perfect level of roast coffee and dark chocolate.

Although Fait La Force only officially opened in February 2022, they are already a force to be reckoned with in the burgeoning beer scene in Nashville.

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Brujos Brewing

Portland, OR
Submitted by: Magic Muncie, Social Media Manager, Hop Culture and Untappd

brujos brewing ad arma best new breweries 2023
Photography courtesy of @brujos_brewing

A nomad brewer originally from San Diego, Brujos has been on my radar for years, but only recently have they secured a spot to brew on a large scale and serve their beer. Located in Portland, this brewery is making some of the best hazy IPAs in the entire world.

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Flipside Brewing

Tinley Park, IL
Submitted by: Aaron Keefner, Sales Solutions Consultant, Next Glass

flipside brewing best new breweries 2023
Photography courtesy of @flipsidebrewing

Owner/Head Brewer Erik Pizer has a rich history in the Chicago brew scene, taking over the same space he once co-founded with 350 Brewing. With stints at Rock Bottom and Milk Money, Pizer knows English-style ales very well.

While Flipside holds its own with Chicago’s heavy hitters on styles like hazy IPAs and stouts, it’s their ESBs and pub ales that really set them apart.

In particular, Rascal King, a must-get with its perfect balance of bready, caramel flavor, yet light body, making taking down a few no problem.

Also, if you’re there, save room for food. Their pub food is easily some of the best in the Chicagoland area.

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Enterprise Brewing Co.

San Francisco, CA
Submitted by: Kyle Roderick, Executive Vice President, Product, Next Glass

enterprise brewing co best new breweries 2023
Photography courtesy of Enterprise Brewing

When it was announced that San Francisco icon Anchor Brewing would close in 2023, the news shook the beer world. It wasn’t long before newly opened Enterprise Brewing stepped in to collaborate with the Anchor Union staff on what would become the first steps in securing funding for their hopeful bid to bring back Anchor.

Solidarity Ale was released just one month after their official opening in August and continues to gain steam as other local breweries work to help spread the word.

Enterprise also revived a 100+-year-old brewery brand that operated in San Francisco as early as 1873 in the same space local legend Cellarmaker once called home.

Eater SF has a great writeup about the brewery’s opening in August. But it’s not all old-world San Francisco for Enterprise: They’ve partnered with new local spots like Rize Up Bakery and Outta Sight Pizza for a quick bite and have lined up other beer collabs with the likes of Cellarmaker, Admiral Maltings, and others.

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Insight Cellars

Copenhagen, Denmark
Submitted by: Dustin Jeffers, Director of Brewery Implementation, Next Glass

insight cellars kriek and riesling blomst
Photography courtesy of Insight Cellars

Insight Cellars debuted in early 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Master Blender Ehren has a great track record of producing beautiful sour/wild beers while at Mikkeller Baghaven. I always loved Ehren’s wild ales fermented with wine grapes while he was producing them at Baghaven, and my first beer from them this year, Riesling Bloomst, lived up to my expectations. I am looking forward to heading back to Copenhagen soon and trying more of Insight Cellars’ creations!

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Dokkaebier (도깨비어)

Oakland, CA
Submitted by: Grace Lee-Weitz, Senior Content Editor, Hop Culture

dokkaebier beers best new breweries 2023
Photography courtesy of Dokkaebier

While Dokkaebier has actually been nomad brewing since February 2020, founder Youngwon Lee took over the Federation Brewing space in the Jack London neighborhood of Oakland this past year.

The Korean-owned and -themed brewery includes beers with Korean ingredients, a nod to Lee’s heritage.

Born in Korea, Lee has lived all over, moving to Guam, New Jersey, and then California for school before taking time off to go back to Korea to take care of his grandmother. Back in Korea, he discovered a love for wine and eventually beer, working at the Korean-owned brewery The Booth when they opened an outpost in California.

But when The Booth folded in the U.S., Lee wanted to continue to find ways to bring his culture to drinkers.

Named after dokkaebi (도깨비), shape-shifting creatures from Korean folklore, Lee’s brewery mimics the dokkaebi’s love of eating and drinking.

Each beer comes with a playful whimsy and spirit for experimentation.

For instance, when my wife and I visited, we loved the flagship Kimchi Sour made with ginger, gochugaru peppers, and a lactic culture from homemade kimchi. We also enjoyed the LP Witbier, a cloudy wheat beer with two different peppercorns and lemongrass.

Dokkaebier is a brewery with heart and soul, something we could all eat and drink up a little more of these days.

Pro move: Sign up via a form on Instagram for the Temple of Pizza Mason, which pops up at Dokkaebier every Sunday. The nomad pizzeria will notified you every Friday when the weekly menu drops. Then just pre-order what you want, pick a time slot, show up at Dokkaebier, order a beer, and waddle up to the table in the brewhouse next door. A one-man band will pull a piping hot pie out of the oven for you to enjoy.

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GOAL. Brewing.

San Diego, CA
Submitted by: Dustin Jeffers, Director of Brewery Implementation, Next Glass

goal brewing aweee
Photography courtesy of @goalxbrewing

In the ever-growing craft beer scene of North Park, CA, GOAL. (which stands for “get out and live,”) emerged earlier this year, backed by a seasoned industry team. Notably, this isn’t the first collaboration for the duo of Derek Gallanosa (previously of Abnormal and Moksa Brewing) and Jay Pizarro (LIFEXLAB), both of whom contributed to the J. Wakefield stout “Big Poppa.”

Gallanosa and Pizarro had talked about starting a brewery together before, and true to their vision, they have impressed in opening with a selection of approachable lagers and exceptional IPAs.

The branding on their inaugural stout bottle release, Aweeee, was equally impressive, evoking the feel/style of an Off-White / Nike shoe drop.

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Fast Friends Beer Co.

Austin, TX
Submitted by: John Gross, Director, Strategic Business Development, Next Glass

fast friends beer co best new breweries 2023
Photography courtesy of Fast Friends Beer Co.

Fast Friends is a portrait of inclusivity in beer. The building itself is a masterpiece of a taproom and the staff is uber-focused on hospitality. To put a fine point on it: They’ve painted a giant mural greeting guests that reads “Do Good, Love Big, Live Now.”

Fast Friends opened Memorial Day weekend and it has been smack in the center of the Austin scene in an impressive way.

The beer, the attitude, the anthropomorphic beer mascots… They’ve set a high bar for an opening. Keith Shaw moving to town from Modern Times (2014-2022) to serve as Fast Friends director of brewing operations was a huge score for TX.

When Shaw isn’t moderating Star Wars fan pages, his dedication to nerding out serves him well as a technical brewer. Shaw showed up blastin’ with a strong, hoppy portfolio assisted by Head Brewer Luke Wortendyke, who previously racked up medals for Wren House in his seven years there.

These two industry heavy hitters brought the Lone Star State a welcome breath of fresh air. They are fanatical about making clean and drinkable beer for all to enjoy.

Throw in plenty of creative pizzas and snacks (including plenty of veggie and vegan options) from Director of Culinary Emily Rayburn and you’ve got yourself a solid contender for a BFF.

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Shred Beer Company

Rocklin, CA
Submitted by: Kyle Roderick, Executive Vice President, Product, Next Glass; Giovanni Albanese Jr, Content Writer, Next Glass; Magic Muncie, Social Media Manager, Hop Culture and Untappd

shred beer company
Photography courtesy of Shred Beer Company

Shred Beer Co. out of Rocklin, CA, has come out of the gates fast, and that has a lot to do with seasoned head brewer and co-founder Zack Frasher. Zack originally worked for Moonraker Brewing and beat out Pliny the Younger multiple times for the gold at the Bistro. Frasher’s more recent venture, Slice Beer, was also successful, with them winning a multitude of medals at GABF. This new adventure has proven yet again that Zack’s recipes have a track record for blowing minds as he has to be among the world’s most talented IPA producers.


I had a couple of IPAs from them and they are solid. They make elevated takes on whatever style of beer they are making. The aroma in their West Coast IPAs is to die for. It’s no wonder they are racking up so many accolades.

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Oakland Park, FL
Submitted by: Magic Muncie, Social Media Manager, Hop Culture and Untappd

Photography courtesy of Brewlihan

Several of the best liquids I have ever consumed have come from this meadery, which just happens to be currently ranked number four overall of all breweries on Untappd. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth like me, Brewlihan is a fruited-mead lover’s paradise.

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Tenma Beer Project

Oakland, CA
Submitted by: Grace Lee-Weitz, Senior Content Editor, Hop Culture

tenma beer project best new breweries
Photography courtesy of @tenmabeerproject

When multiple brewers around the Bay Area told me that I need to go check out the newly opened Tenma Beer Project, I listened.

Started by Brennan Perry, Dana Martindale, and Debbie Tenma, this small-batch brewery focuses on pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing methods.

Seems to be working.

In less than a year after opening their doors, Tenma has already racked up awards, including a bronze at the Great American Beer Festival for its German-style pilsener, Don’t Fear the Answer. And a gold and People’s Choice at the 2023 Bistro IPA Festival for the West Coast IPA The Infinite Self: Nelson.

Beers fly through frequently at Tenma, jettisoned into three categories—”Light/Crisp.” “Hoppy,” and “Malty.” On the weekend I visited, I had a tough time choosing between a German-style pilsner, and Italian-style pilsner, a Pre-Prohibition-style pilsner, a schwarzbier, a Munich dunkel, and that aforementioned West Coast.

Basically, I wanted to drink all the beers on tap here. That’s probably the sign of one of the best new breweries I’ve been to in 2023.

Plus, Tenma is right around the corner from one my favorite breweries and a fellow alumni of this list, Wondrous Brewing, which ended up on our list of “The Best New Breweries of 2021.”

Going to both makes for a perfect Oakland afternoon for me!

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Honorable Mention

elsewhere brewing greenhouse west midtown taproom
Photography courtesy of Elsewhere Brewing

We also love to give a good shout-out to friends of ours who may not be new, new breweries, but in exciting news opened up new taprooms this year.

Places like Elsewhere Brewing in Atlanta, GA, opened their Greenhouse location…complete with pickleball courts, lots of plants, vinyl, and Elsewhere’s signature European-style ales, lagers, and American IPAs.

Reuben’s Brews’ new Fremont Ave Taproom includes a kitchen powered by Reuben’s Eats with hits like beer-battered fish and chips and halloumi and fries.

TALEA Beer Co. had a banner year, expanding to two new taprooms in Manhattan.

While across the Manhattan Bridge, Grimm Artisan Ales went live with their rooftop pizza place, Lala’s, which wasn’t technically in a new building (just a few floors up), but still significant.

Keep a Sharp Eye Out!

necromancer brewing new taproom midnight whistler
Photography courtesy of @necromancerbrewing

Necromancer announced they’ll be opening up an English-style bar called Midnight Whistler in the old Hough’s space in Pittsburgh. Looks like things are still under construction, but we’re keeping an eye on when this one goes live!

Our good buddy and Vitamin Sea Founder Dino Furnari dropped a nugget on us earlier in the year that he would have some news for us. The famed Weymouth brewery will be opening up its own South Shore spot soon. Stay tuned to @vitaminseabrewing for more.

On the other coast, Crowns & Hops shared the huge news with us that they’ll finally be planting roots in Inglewood. As of last Monday, the industry-disrupting brewery said the taproom is still in planning. But this is huge. Keep Crowns & Hops on your radar next year.

Those are just a few of the bright points of this year. I’m sure we there are a ton more, so slide into our DMs (@hopculturemag) to let us know who else we should cover and look out for next year.