Every year, the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) descends on Denver, Colorado. Craft beer fanatics and industry professionals take over the city for what feels like a massive, multi-day party. While many great breweries visit the Mile High City, Denver already plays year-round host to some of the best breweries in the country. In our picks for the five best breweries in Denver, Colorado, you’ll find everything from juicy IPAs, to funky farmhouse ales, to spontaneously fermented beer.

Whether you’re in town for GABF or planning your own beercation, we’ve got a handy guide to the best breweries around Denver.

The Best Breweries in Denver, Colorado

Cerebral Brewing

1477 Monroe Street | (303) 927-7365

a sour beer from Cerebral Brewing, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

Located in the Bluebird District, Cerebral is Denver’s king of “The Big Three:” hazy IPAs, fruited sours, and tasty stouts. However, don’t look past their mixe-fermentation Saisons, which consistently knock it out of the park.

Pick up a few cans on your visit to the Cerebral taproom and enjoy one of their latest releases. If you’re lucky, one of Cerebral’s many friends will have collaborated on the release; think Modern Times, Narrow Gauge, Civil Society, and more.

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TRVE Brewing Company

227 Broadway #101

a grisette beer from TRVE, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

TRVE Brewing makes hardcore beer. Because what’s more metal than killer farmhouse ales and grisettes? Nothing, that’s what.

If you like metal, or are just looking for a wild night, TRVE should be one of your top destinations on your trip to Denver.

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Our Mutual Friend Brewing

2810 Larimer St | (303) 296-3441

a sour beer from Our Mutual Friend Brewing, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

Lovingly called OMF by fans, Our Mutual Friend is one of the friendliest breweries in the country. And not only is their beer delicious, but their merch game is on point. And they’re right across the street from Finn’s Manor, one of Denver’s best bars.

Oh, and if you like natural wine, Noble Riot is up the street. Don’t leave Denver without visiting!

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Bierstadt Lagerhaus

2875 Blake St | (720) 570-7824

a brewing system at Bierstadt Lagerhaus, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

With all the variety in Denver, you’re bound to want something simple, traditional, and tasty. That’s where Bierstadt Lagerhaus delivers. A favorite amongst brewers, Bierstadt specializes in traditional German lagers, and has inspired breweries across the country to purchase a “slow pour” pilsner tap.

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Baere Brewing Co.

320 Broadway | (303) 733-3354

Baere Brewing, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

We decided to let you in on a little secret. Baere is one of the hidden gems of Denver’s beer scene. It’s a teenie, tiny brewery but Baere, located in Baker District, is brimming with exquisite and thoughtful beers.

Check them out but don’t go telling everyone!

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New Image Restaurant and Brewery

5622 Yukon St, Arvada, CO | (720) 900-5620

a beer from New Image Brewery, one of the best breweries in Denver, Colorado

If you’re looking for great beer right outside of Denver, New Image is your spot.

And if you don’t like beer? They’ve got you covered too. With a full cocktail menu plus some killer food, New Image is one of the up-and-coming breweries in the Denver area.

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