With the endless variety of local craft, it seems that the reach for some of those old standbys might be happening less often. I will say, however, I am no stranger to calling for a beer ‘fit’ for a certain situation. Thus has been the case for tried-and-true Sapporo. Long thought of as a sushi-pairing beverage, it’s sometimes refreshing to remember certain ‘situational’ beers, when not in said situation. Great and refreshing with some spicy tuna? Yes. How about some seared tuna? Sure. Terriyaki? Uh huh. What about as a backyard beer? Maybe not so far-fetched. 

As with many ‘international’ beers these days, Sapporo actually has ties closer to home: Sapporo USA brews and operates just up the road in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Having sampled the Premium, Light, and Reserve, I might think of Japan’s famous brew more than just when downing some sushi rolls around town. I’d certainly opt away from the Reserve, myself, but the others: crisp and refreshing, minimally bitter.

Let’s take a look at the most popular Asian beer in the U.S. (and Japan’s oldest):

“10 Facts You ShouldKnow About Sapporo Beer”

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