You’re only human — which means you probably like beer and pets, and not necessarily in that order. Luckily for you, with the proliferation of craft beer, it was only a matter of time before enterprising geniuses started capitalizing on merger of everyone’s two favorite things. Dog collar bottle openers? Yes please. Spent grain pet treats? We’ll take a dozen. There’s an entire industry built around acquiring the perfect gifts for your homebrewing friend who loves bearded dragons, your beer-loving significant other who has a moody cat, or for yourself and your adorable pup.

We’re still waiting for some brilliant mind to create a clothing line around our love for beer and passion for pizza. Until then, show off your love for beer and pets with some vintage cat art or a wall-mounted bulldog bottle opener.

Dog Collar Bottle Opener

Man’s best friend comes to the rescue again — this reflective collar from the Cycle Dog Pet Company features a pop-top bottle opener, and is made post-consumer recycled rubber.

Buy Now: $20

Drinking with your Cat Koozie

This fun and potentially reassuring koozie is a great way to keep your can cold and remind yourself that enjoying a couple of beers with your cat is perfectly acceptable.

Buy Now: $12

Beer Bottle Chew Toy

Let your pup enjoy this pet-friendly bottle of Paws Lite. If you’re looking to take some beer and pet shots, it’ll make for a great photo prop.

Buy Now: $12

Cat Drinking Beer Enamel Pin

Invoke your inner grumpy cat with this stylish cat enamel pin.

Buy Now: $9

Wall-Mounted Bulldog Bottle Opener

Hang this fun bottle opener in your kitchen, on the patio, or anywhere around the house for a handy way to crack open your favorite beer.

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Purrost Coffee Mug

Say “Guten Morgen” with this Oktoberfest-themed cat mug.

Buy Now: $15

Dog Silhouette Beer Cap Holder

After cracking open a bottle of your favorite beer, display the cap in style with this dog silhouette cap holder.

Buy Now: $58

Fat Cat Brewing Co. Vintage Poster

Decorate your house with this retro ad and celebrate your love of furry felines and delicious brews.

Buy Now: $11

Black Dog Brewing Co. Vintage Poster

Pair this alongside your Fat Cat Brewing poster to avoid playing favorites with your kids — er, pets.

Buy Now: $13

Spent Grain Dog Treats

For the avid homebrewer, here’s a simple recipe from the American Homebrewers Association to make some spent grain dog treats for your pup!

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