Despite being the incontrovertible hop capital of the country, Yakima’s craft brewing scene is just starting up. Although there’s a pedigreed history of good beer in the region, and the hop business has brought a lot of attention to the area from some of the best breweries in the world, craft beer drinkers still haven’t made Yakima a destination. But that could change as new breweries pop up and older breweries adapt to the changes in the market. Here are five of our favorites in the area.

Valley Brewing Co.

3215 River Rd | (509) 949-5944

As of publication, Valley — which opened just a few months ago — is the newest brewery in Yakima. They’ve reinvigorated the scene with a lineup of bright, juicy IPAs, and will soon release a few beers in sleek cans. Valley’s comfortable taproom, just down the road from the next brewery on this list, is definitely worth a visit.

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Yakima Craft Brewing Co.

2920 River Rd #6 | (509) 654-7357

Yakima Craft, which was the first brewery in Yakima, recently built out a new taproom and will be launching a new lineup of beers this year. Stop by the taproom for some new releases, live music, and foosball. Plus, check out Yak Craft’s Bottoms Up draft system.

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Bale Breaker Brewing Co.

1801 Birchfield Rd | (509) 424-4000

Bale Breaker is one of the top-rated breweries in Washington, thanks to the success of Top Cutter and Field 41, two of the brewery’s flagship hoppy beers. Try their delicious beers and check out the nearby hop fields.

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Wandering Hop

508 N 20th Ave | (509) 901-8011

Wandering Hop is another newcomer to the Yakima scene, and one that has loudly announced itself as the region’s number one destination for hazy IPAs. For many locals, it’s their first introduction to the style. Swing by the taproom to say hi to Head Brewer and Founder Nathan Cooper and try one of their New England IPAs — we recommend Not of This World and Numinous.

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Cowiche Creek Brewing Co.

514 Thompson Rd, Bldg #2 | (509) 678-0324

Cowiche Creek is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Yakima but definitely worth the trip. The taproom butts up against gorgeous farmland; on a clear day, you’ll have a lovely view of the mountains. Try one of their wet hop IPAs or pale ales before leaving Yakima.

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