After years of talking about getting our own place, Hop Culture is teaming up with De Fer Coffee and Tea and Cinderlands Beer to launch a beer garden. More specifically, we’re launching a pop-up beer garden. Well, to be exact, we’re launching the Hop Culture x De Fer Coffee and Tea x Cinderlands Beer Present: Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden. On the Monongahela River. With an incredible view of the Liberty Bridge. And the Pittsburgh City skyline.

Live in Pittsburgh? Near Pittsburgh? Join us on Pittsburgh’s South Shore at 339 McKean Street, just behind the Pittsburgh Highline. There’s ample parking (free for the first two hours) or you can reach us by riding your bike west along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail toward Station Square.

What Is The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden?

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The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden is a joint hospitality venture between three Pittsburgh businesses: Hop Culture, De Fer Coffee and Tea, and Cinderlands Beer. Our friends from Burgh’ers Brewing in Lawrenceville will be on-site to serve food.

From September 11th, 2020, to November 1st, 2020, the beer garden will run from 5 to 10 on Fridays, 11 to 9 on Saturdays, and 11 to 9 on Sundays. Tables are available by reservation only — you can visit our reservation site here. The non-refundable $20 deposit will be applied to your tab when you leave the garden.

The garden is family-friendly, dog-friendly, and just friendly, in general. Make a reservation now and we hope to see you soon!

Where Is The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden?

The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden will be held at 339 McKean Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15219. The outdoor space is at a new Pittsburgh destination called The Highline, which features beautiful offices, expansive outdoor space, and sweeping city and river views.

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Ever heard of Eastern Pennsylvania’s Sly Fox Brewing? The garden will take place in front of the brewery’s new Pittsburgh location, which is scheduled to open in 2021. It’s an amazing location and we’re excited by the opportunity to showcase the space to our Pittsburgh friends.

What Will Be Served At The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden?

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At the Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden, we’ve got something for all tastes.

Like beer? We’ll have a full menu from Cinderlands Beer in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. If you’ve never had their Tracks Again Unfiltered Pilsner, we’re ready to name it the most refreshing beer of the summer. Cinderlands will also be serving pale ales, IPAs, Double IPAs, and sours, and some other fun surprises.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Hop Culture event if we didn’t call in some rare beers from a few of our friends. Each week, we’ll have a rotating menu of out-of-market beers from around the country.

All beer will be served from cans, which will be opened on-site by a RAMP-certified server. Beer will NOT be available to-go.

For those who prefer spirits, De Fer Coffee and Tea will be preparing draft cocktails. De Fer will also have coffee and growlers of coffee available to-go.

Safety At The Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden

At all of our events, safety is the number one concern. With the Lagerlands Socially Distant Pop-Up Beer Garden, we’re hoping to create some semblance of social normalcy while also ensuring everyone stays safe and healthy — this is our number one priority.

Currently, outdoor gatherings in Allegheny County are limited to 100 people — double the limit that was established in mid-July. As a result, we’ll be maintaining a strict headcount for the beer garden. If you don’t have a reservation, please don’t show up! Reservations can be made in advance on the Lagerlands website and all deposits will be applied to your tab upon leaving.

All employees will be required to wear masks, and we ask that all visitors wear masks until they reach their tables. After each seating, all tables, chairs, and surfaces will be sanitized. Anyone loitering or standing in public areas will be asked to take their seat.

Per state guidelines, anyone ordering alcoholic beverages will also need to order food. Burgh’ers Brewing in Lawrenceville will be on-site with some awesome choices, including vegetarian options.

The Bottom Line On The Beer Garden

seating at lagerlands beer garden

It’s been a weird year. But for those looking to get out of the house and enjoy some great food and tasty beverages in a safe, calm, and family-friendly environment, we’ve got the perfect solution.

For more information, visit the Lagerlands website, or follow us on Instagram at @lagerlandspgh.

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