Ramen Star Ivan Orkin On Why Beer Matters

Chef’s Table star dishes on all things beer and ramen. READ NOW.

Big Texas Beer Fest

The Big Texas Beer Fest takes place on March 31 through April 1 in Dallas, and it boasts more than 500 beers from over 120 breweries. The festival features a plethora of local food trucks and vendors, and live bands that change throughout the night.

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Beer From Recycled Water

Stone Brewing just created a new beer called Full Circle Pale Ale that they’ve deemed a “toilet to tap” beer, as it’s made with recycled water. The beer isn’t available for sale to the public yet, but the brewery says it will be soon.

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CBA Gives Warning

The CEO of the Craft Brew Alliance, Andy Thomas, warned that the beer industry has reached a tipping point. Thomas spoke about the struggles traditional brewery retailers are facing compared to their taproom equivalents.

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Beer To Buy: Rye on Rye on Rye, Boulevard

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