Mike Mraz, the owner and brewmaster of Mraz Brewing Co., began his brewing career like many do: as a hobby. But, after being twice named homebrewer of the year in California, he turned his hobby into a full time gig, founding Mraz Brewing in 2013. Since then, Mraz has produced over a hundred American and Belgian style beers, collaborating with many other skilled California brewers along the way like the teams at Moksa, Flatland, and Urban Roots.

I caught up with Mike Mraz to talk about travel hacks and to get a few songs to add to our ultimate bottle share playlist.

JP: Lately, which beer are you drinking the most?

MM: It’d probably have to be Saison Bernice and Saison DuPont at the moment.

John Paradiso: Do you have any travel hacks?

Mike Mraz: We use Hotels Tonight, which is our go-to when we’re trying to find last minute accommodation for an event. It’s definitely a lifesaver!

JP: What are your thoughts on the state of hazy IPAs in the industry?

MM: Hazy IPA is a fun, new, and exciting style and if it gets more people into beer, I’m all for it!

JP: Describe your ideal taproom.
MM: Full 🙂

JP: Give us a few songs to add to an all-star bottle share playlist.
MM:Hangovers With You,” Big B featuring The Dirty Heads
So Glad You Made It,” The Dirty Heads
Flower Power,” Greta Van Fleet

Catch Mraz at Juicy Brews WestFest on April 22nd in Oakland, CA.