What is the Beer of the Month Club, you ask?

The Hop Review has partnered with Chicago’s own Foxtrot Delivery Market, to bring a monthly, curated selection from some of our favorite breweries–and maybe a few that are new to you–right to your doorstep. The first week of each month, we’ll handpick beers, highlighting a common theme, style or brewery and showcase the selections right here on the site. (See below for membership details).

Be sure to purchase your subscription, via the link or app, by March 9 to receive this month’s box for just $35. Cheers!

For March 2016, Foxtrot and The Hop Review will be showcasing a

Coffee Beer Collection

We’ve selected five of our favorite coffee beers from the West Coast to the Third Coast, to share with you this March. This range explores the preferred morning beverage, as exhibited in a variety of beer styles: a brown ale, wheat ale, porter, imperial stout and stout. Whether you’re looking for a brunch pint, shared bottle or a nightcap, this package has it all for you. Let’s take a look at the beers:

 Beer of the Month Foxtrot & The Hop Review: Coffee

The Beers

 Coffee Bender

Surly “Coffee Bender”


As a brown ale, showcasing a lighter body, this beer smells, tastes & drinks like an iced coffee. At a fraction of the ABV as most coffee ales, this one still may pack the biggest “coffee” punch, all the way through. From the time you crack into this can, roasty aroma will hit ya on the nose.

 Ballast Point Victory at Sea

Ballast Point “Victory at Sea”


This just might be the coffee beer to convince the non-coffee drinker. The vanilla sweetness of this porter complements the bitterness of San Diego’s Caffe Calabria beans. The decadence of this ale might cause you to reconsider your next desert choice. Cake? Nah, Ballast Point.

  3 Sheeps Hello, My Name is Joe

3 Sheeps “Hello, My Name is Joe”


Keeping in tradition with this Wisconsin brewery’s ethos, this truly is “one off of normal.” Coffee characteristics reveal themselves as the beer warms, challenging perceptions of what a wheat ale can be. You’ll be impressed by the subtlety and build of this beer.

 AleSmith Speedway Stout

AleSmith “Speedway Stout”

ABV 12% – San DIEGO, CA

With the highest ABV of the bunch, AleSmith’s imperial stout carries some heat, hinting that it may benefit from cellaring. But if you don’t have the patience to lay this one away, you’ll notice the bean selection nicely balances fruity notes with an intense dark chocolate. 

   Bell's Java Stout

Bell’s “Java Stout”


This might be one of the popular West Michigan brewery’s more underrated ales, for reasons we’re not really sure – you’ll understand at first sip. A coffee drinker’s coffee beer – in one word: roasty. This is a stout that embraces it’s java moniker. So good, we had to give ya two.




About Foxtrot Delivery Market

Foxtrot is a Chicago owned and operated delivery service offering food, craft beer, liquor, and a whole lot of other goods for your everyday needs. They also have two beautiful retail spaces located in the West Loop and Lincoln Park. For more information on Foxtrot and their delivery footprint, check out their FAQ page.


How it works 

– Each month, we’ll curate a selection of amazing beers and bring them straight to your doorstep. As a reminder, if you purchased your subscription before the 2nd Tuesday of the month, you’ll receive that month’s box. If you purchased after, you’ll receive your first box the next month.

– You must be present for delivery* – all orders containing alcohol must be signed for by someone over the age of 21. Foxtrot will contact you via email the first week of each month to schedule delivery. (*Pickup options are available for those outside of the delivery radius).

– Your credit card will be charged the first week of each month for subsequent subscription boxes. If you’d like to opt out of a particular month or cancel your subscription entirely, please email Foxtrot at [email protected]

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Photography by Hilary Higgins.