With 50,000 votes cast for the previous eight matchups, we now have the finals of each region set. The Sweet 16 saw huge upsets as relative upstarts continued epic runs to the brink of the Final 4. With our Elite 8 in the books, we wait to see if the little guys continue to take down the big dogs to be crowned as The Hop Review Readers’ Choice Chicago Brewery Bracket champion.

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Vote for your favorite breweries across Chicago, below, and we will tally the votes in order to determine who makes it to the Final 4. Voting to determine the Final 4 concludes, Wednesday, 3/28 at 9pm CST.


Middle Brow Beer Co. (8) vs. Aleman Brewing Co. (15)

Two of the biggest vote-getters of this year’s bracket face off in for supremacy in the North. Middle Brow, brewers of unconventional styles ranging from salted Scotch ales to apricot wits and everything in between have clearly been bolstered by their recent expansion and upcoming Logan Square taproom. Aleman’s foray into cans has upped their exposure, as drinkers get behind the increased availability. Who will win this battle of fanatic fan bases?


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Marz Community Brewing (2) vs. Open Outcry Brewing Co. (13)

Another David versus Goliath matchup on the South Side. Marz, a brewery that can seemingly do no wrong right now, is riding high after the opening of their long-awaited, stunningly beautiful Bridgeport taproom. Open Outcry has garnered quite the following in their short time open to the public, becoming a go-to spot for beer and food in Morgan Park. We’ll find out if this Cinderella can continue its run, or if the one of the city’s brewing powers can roll on.


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Pipeworks Brewing Co. (3) vs. Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (4)

The top four seeds all made it through in the West setting up two heavyweight bouts to determine the regional final. But it was the 3rd and 4th seeds in Pipeworks and Maplewood that made it through, taking down Revolution and Goose Island respectively. In a battle of 16 oz cans, will it be P-dubs and their ninjas or will Maplewood be wearing their Juice Pants into the Final 4?


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Noon Whistle Brewing (5) vs. Pollyanna Brewing Co. (10)

Will we see our first repeat brewery bracket champion? Noon Whistle and their adoring fans surely hope so, as they blew passed Penrose in the Sweet 16. They find themselves matched up against Pollyanna, a brewery that saw a huge increase in exposure last year with the opening of their Roselare location. In a battle of true suburban powerhouses, we’ll find out which brewery has the more fanatical fan base and become the Suburbs region Reader’s Choice.


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VOTING to determine The Final 4 CONCLUDES, Wednesday, 3/28 AT 9:00pM cst.


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