West Side, Chicago

Round 1 saw more than 86,000 total votes. In a somewhat surprising outcome, there were no upsets in the West. Revolution, Off Color and Pipeworks proved most popular, respectively, while the only close matchup came between Maplewood vs. Lake Effect. What’s left is a batch of eight worthy breweries, vying to move on to the Sweet 16.

Vote for your favorite breweries from Chicago’s West Side, below, and we will tally the votes in order to select winners for the next round. We’ll know our Sweet 16 when voting for Round 2 concludes, Sunday, 3/19 at 9am.

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Goose Island Beer Co. (1) vs. Hopewell Brewing Co. (8)

Goose Island is no doubt a polarizing brewery. You won’t have a hard time finding folks still offended by their sale to AB six years ago this month. But, you also won’t find it difficult to chat with folks about their place as Chicago’s brewing pioneer. They practically invented modern barrel-aging and are still innovating. Meanwhile, Logan Square’s crisp and minimalist Hopewell has found its own success in the past year alone. They’ve won over throngs of West Side drinkers with their clean true-to-style ales and lagers. What’ll ya have?


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Off Color Brewing (4) vs. Forbidden Root (5)

You may not find two Chicago breweries doing ‘weirder’ things with beer than these two. Off Color has built a loyal following with its quirky brand and farmhouse ales, while Forbidden Root has recently been garnering attention for its creativity in the botanical sphere (Fernet and rosé inspired beers?). As you see more and more packaged goods from these two West Side brewers (and a new Lincoln Park taproom on the horizon for OC), it’s safe to say these are a couple to watch in ’17.


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Pipeworks Brewing Co. (3) vs. Piece Pizzeria & Brewery (6)

Sharing a wall with Off Color in Hermosa, you’ll find the shear mass that is Pipeworks Brewing Co. It took them little time to outgrow their Bucktown space and move their pale ale lineup across town, alongside a large new barrel-aged program. Meanwhile, Wicker Park’s citywide favorite, Piece, still vies for space in its cramped quarters on North Avenue. And still every time we drink one, we’re constantly surprised how overlooked Piece’s beers are in the current Chicago beer landscape. Another new school vs. old school matchup. 


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Revolution Brewing (2) vs. Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (7)

With an army of ‘Heroes,’ Revolution is ready to avenge last year’s upset in the championship round. 2016 saw a year of benchmarks for Chicago favorites ‘Rev,’ and we’re guessing ’17 will be more of the same. The Northwest Side juggernaut will now lineup against Logan Square hustlers, Maplewood–makers of some damn tasty pale ales and stouts. This is a battle of two of the city’s best pale ales: Anti Hero vs. The Charlatan.


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Best of luck to the remaining 32breweries. It’s hard to pick a favorite Chicago beer maker as we all know, but hey, here’s your chance. Stay tuned as we tally the votes in order to select a “Sweet 16.” 

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