Round 1 of our Readers’ Choice Chicago Brewery Bracket saw more than 107,000 total votes. And in the West Bracket things were relatively predictable with the top 6 seeds all moving on to the next round. Round 2 looks to provide some promising fireworks, especially in 4 vs. 5 matchup of Maplewood and Off Color. Both breweries had banner years with expanded proliferation throughout the city and beautiful new taprooms. That’s just one that looks poised to come down to the wire.

So, there ya have it, vote for your favorite breweries across Chicago, below, and we will tally the votes in order to determine who makes it to the Sweet 16. Voting for Round 2 concludes, Tuesday, 3/20 at 9pm CST.

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Goose Island Beer Co. (1) vs. Hopewell Brewing Co. (9)

Goose Island is on to the second round for the second straight year by dispatching their neighbors at All Rise in convincing fashion. They should not be sleeping on their second round opponent, Hopewell, who took down super chef Rick Bayless and his team at Cruz Blanca just as convincingly.


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Revolution Brewing (2) vs. Piece Pizzeria & Brewery (10)

Revolution and their army of Heroes is poised for a long run after clipping Finch’s wings with the second highest margin of victory in Round 1. It will definitely get more challenging in Round 2 for the hopped crusaders as they line up against Chicago’s Wicker Park pizza brewpub staple. Their opponent, Piece, won a hard fought, back and forth battle over On Tour, and seemed to get stronger as the round progressed.


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Pipeworks Brewing Co. (3) vs. Forbidden Root (6)

Pipeworks moved on convincingly after taking down Illuminated Brew Works, while Forbidden Root beat out their friends at Old Irving by the smallest margin in the West for Round 1. Will the botanical brewers, with the hazy IPAs in their back pocket, be able to do it again? They’ll need to take down the ninja, the unicorn, and all their cast of friends to advance to the Sweet 16.


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Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (4) vs. Off Color Brewing (5)

We would be lying if we didn’t say we were looking forward to this matchup in Round 2. Both Maplewood and Off Color dispatched their Round 1 opponents with relative ease, but this one has all the makings of a rock fight. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the winner of this matchup make a decent run through the bracket, as both have had banner years.


Voting is closed, stay tuned for results!


Best of luck to all 32 remaining breweries. Stay tuned as we tally the votes in order to select the “Sweet 16.” 

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