A Pint With Stan Hieronymous

One of craft beer’s smartest nerds. READ NOW.

If you want a party, check out Black Hammer Brewing in San Francisco, California. The colorful taproom at 544 Bryant Street was named in part for Black Rock, the home of Burning Man, and in part for its owner, Jim Furman.

“At Burning Man, I got the nickname Hammer for my direct communication style,” said Furman.

“I thought it was because you were always building shit,” said Love Wolf, his rainbow haired tasting room manager who was standing within earshot.

Before opening the brewery, Furman built nuclear test facilities for the Chinese government — which he knows sounds made up.

“My degree is in chemical engineering, my background is nuclear, and I love to make beer,” said Furman. “That all comes together in running a brewery. And then there’s the Burning Man aspect. I like to throw parties.”

Take it from the brewery with the blue walls and disco ball — this is the EDM playlist you want.