Can Summer Ale Save Sam Adams?

The struggling company certainly hopes so.


I’ve long contended that a beer with breakfast every once in awhile might actually do a body good. While that theory generally gets me sideways looks or eye-rolls, a Colorado brewery might have an intriguing workaround: beer brewed breakfast cereal.

Fort Collins-based Black Bottle Brewery is readying to release the latest in its “Cerealiously” line of breakfast-inspired beers: Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch milk stout.

Established in 2010, Black Bottle Brewery has released several such beers, including one infused with Count Chocula cereal and another that utilized Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch iteration — which was brewed by dipping a nylon bag filled with 35 pounds of the cereal into the brewing tanks — will be available on draft at the brewery and in limited 750 ml bottles beginning May 11.

Black Bottle isn’t the only brewery to recognize the flavor potential of combining breakfast cereal and beer. General Mills once teamed up with Fulton Brewery to produce a Wheaties beer called HefeWheaties; Big Time Brewing Company in Seattle has brewed Breakfast Cereal Killer Stout with Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Cocoa Puffs; and just recently, Somerville Brewing Company in Massachusetts brewed a 9% ABV Belgian ale with a whole bunch of Cap’n Crunch Berries, aptly called Saturday Morning.