Brewery Offers Parental Leave — For Dog Owners

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Bayou Beer

In an epic combination, design company TILT collaborated with Bayou Teche Brewing in Louisiana to create packaging for four different styles of beer. The illustrated packaging features swamp monsters and bayou wildlife in haunting scenery.

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Russian Beer Market Plummets

The Russian beer market is on a steady decline, with Heineken reporting double digit losses in 2016 as well as Carlsberg. This is slightly humorous considering beer wasn’t even classified as alcoholic in Russia until 2011.

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Brewers Against Scott Pruitt

33 craft breweries teamed up to sign a letter urging senators to vote against Scott Pruitt’s appointment as leader of the EPA. The breweries are all a part of the Brewers for Clean Water organization and don’t believe Scott Pruitt will protect America’s water resources.

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Horny Beer

A Swedish microbrewery, Ljusdals Bryggeri, released a Kåtöl beer which literally translates to “Horny Beer,” and within a day they sold out of their entire stock. The name of the beer actually carries a double meaning. The company says the name was supposed to be “Sami Tent Beer” which matches the tent design on the bottle, but it may have been the other meaning that led to this beer’s success.

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Beer To Buy: Bourbon Little Brother, The Commons

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