Drinks with Tyler Sildve, Brewer at Oxbow

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Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water

MillerCoors is launching a new line of Henry’s Hard Sparkling Water. The two flavors are lemon lime and passion fruit sparkling water, with an ABV of 4.2 percent. Each bottle contains 95 calories.

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Jameson Beer Collaboration

O’phelia Craft Beer is a new collaboration between Jameson Irish Whiskey and Maldita, a Portuguese brewery. The beer is aged in Jameson barrels and the bottles have an epic design, done by VOLTA, depicting O’phelia’s story.

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Goodbye Valiant Brewing

The popular Orange County, California based brewery, Valiant, is officially stopping all operations. Apparently good beer and a fan following weren’t enough to financially support the brewery, who refused to turn to investors. This begs the question: do you have to sell out to stay alive?

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Beer and Cheese Fest

This weekend the Boston Beer and Cheese Fest comes to Beantown. It will feature 25 New England-based craft breweries and 12 creameries. The event includes beer and cheese pairings, along with charcuterie.

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Beer To Buy: Higashino Farmhouse Ale, Tahoe Mountain

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