From a young age, Lowell Lindeman III has been interested in the creative side of life. With his artistic inclinations in mind, his mother enrolled him into a drawing class and he absolutely loved every part of it. All through elementary, middle, and high school, he made it a habit to be involved in art clubs and group murals. However, during his senior year of high school, he told his parents that he was going to further his education in the field of biology. His parents were confused, and even extended the idea of changing his degree path. It took his entire first year at school to realize that biology wasn’t for him. He now have holds a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from West Chester University, with minors in Art History and Computer Applications and Technology.

Lindeman is from Dover, Pennsylvania, but commutes to the Hop Culture HQ in New York City from West Chester, just outside of Philly. Talk about commitment!

Kenny Gould: How’d you become interested in design?

Lowell Lindeman: I drew a lot when I was younger. My mom always put me in art classes. In college, I started as a bio major, but didn’t do too hot. I switched my major to graphic design. 

KG: Has that been a good decision for you?

LL: I love it. Not necessarily the finding a job part, but I love doing what I do.

KG: How’d you hear about Hop Culture?

LL: Through Instagram. I actually started my own beer blog, because I was really interested in can art and I wanted to showcase it. Check it out at @beerjawns.

KG: What is a jawn?

LL: Jawn is a Philly slang term. It’s for pretty much anything — that thing, that person. It can be applied to anything. 

KG: So it’s like Smurf.

LL: Is that a Pittsburgh thing?

KG: No, it’s like the Smurfs. Maybe that’s before your time. The little blue people?

LL: Oh yeah. I just didn’t know if you used it in a different way.

KG: What’s your dream job? 

LL: Designing labels for a brewery. 

KG: And where do you get your inspiration? 

LL: I get inspiration from other cans mostly, and different artists that I find on Instagram. I really like the cans from Great Notion, Neshaminy Creek, and Levante. 

Lowell is going to be working for Hop Culture through December and is looking for more inspiration. What are your favorite cans? 

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