Are Taprooms the New Dive Bar?

For the budding craft drinker, the answer is yes.


Fans of Belgian beers will be flocking to Michigan this summer for a first-of-its-kind event to be held stateside.

The 7th annual North American Belgian Beer Fest will mark the beginning of the first annual National Belgian Beer Week, running from July 14 to 21 in Westland, MI. A collection of Belgian beers of this magnitude has never been amassed at one time in the U.S. –this one marks the joint effort between the nation’s top Belgian beer importers, including Artisanal Imports, D&V International, Global Beer, Merchant du Vin, and the breweries they represent.

“I don’t know of any festival outside of Belgium that will have more Belgian brewers in attendance,” said Lanny Hoff, Artisanal Imports SVP-brands manager. “The NABBF will be a great chance for consumers to get the Belgian story, straight from the people living it.”

Last year’s Belgian Beer Fest played host to nearly 1,000 attendees tasting the wares more than 220 beers from 80 Belgian breweries — and 2017’s fest is expected to be larger still.

“Even in Belgium it is rare to have this many Belgian beers in one place,” said Roy More, co-owner of Ashley’s, which organizes the event. “We’re thrilled to offer Festival guests the unique experience to learn from experts about Belgium’s centuries-old brewing traditions and help them gain a hands-on understanding of why its often-imitated craft beers are considered among the best in the world.”

Tickets can be purchased here.