Mother’s Day isn’t officially until the 13th of May, but there’s no reason we can’t start celebrating our mothers a bit early. In that spirit, we’ve written an open letter to the mothers of Hop Culture, and all the other mothers out there who make the beer industry go ‘round!

Dear Mom,

I remember when I first told you about Hop Culture. Back then, it was a book proposal instead of an online magazine, and it had the cringeworthy name Brew Sleuth. You didn’t bat an eye. You told me it was a great idea. You told me that I’d be the fresh new face of beer. You had a million and a half awesome ideas for how I could market my new venture, including — but not limited to — getting on Oprah, writing beer pieces for in-flight magazines, and tweeting at Ariana Grande. Still don’t understand the last one, but, you know. Love you.

Throughout the past year and a half of the company’s life, you’ve been our biggest fan and supporter. I don’t know of many moms who’d ask for a fake Hop Culture email so they could pretend to be our marketing coordinator when the team consisted of only me and Travis. Maybe that’s a bit crazy, but it’s also a crazy amount of love. It makes me realize that you’d do anything to help me succeed.

I’m grateful for everything you do, and I realize that it comes from your mom and from dad’s mom (shoutout Grandma Judy and Grandma Rose!), who set incredible examples. I’m also grateful for the love of Travis’s mom, who flew all the way from Baltimore to Tucson just to attend one of our festivals. After meeting her, and understanding the amount of time and energy you’ve put into the company behind the scenes to help us succeed, I know that we couldn’t fail even if I tried (as I often do, mostly by accident) to make the company implode.

I also want to call out the moms of other industry professionals. They’ve made me realize how much of the craft beer industry runs not just on the brains and hands of brewers, but on the support of their families.

This Mother’s Day, take a minute to appreciate someone special in your life!

Dads, your day is coming.