Are Taprooms the New Dive Bar?

For the budding craft drinker, the answer is yes.


Update: Mmmhops has since been spotted at a Minor League Baseball game in Tulsa, OK.

I’ve got admit, I’m excited as you to relive this unique moment in human history. To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of MMMbop, the song that haunted our adolescence, we thought we’d recognize the Hanson Brother’s other major accomplishment: In 2013, the trio made a beer. That’s right. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson pumped the brakes on their musical careers to craft a sudsy beverage. It’s name? Mmmhops.

It’s not clear, exactly, why Hanson made this decision. The closest thing we could find to an answer comes from a November 2013 interview with Tulsa World, in which Taylor Hanson says, “One of the things that is particularly cool about it is really taking an industry that’s been driven by really huge marketing dollars and taking it back down to this artisanal spirit and really building relationships with your audience.”

Which is great, you know? He went on to compare the beer to Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale, but with “less of the bitterness…and more of the alcohol.”

Mmmhops saw distribution around Oklahoma in the fall of 2013. Last year, the brothers attended the Great American Beer Festival, where they poured the Mmmmhops, and signed a lot of autographs. Currently, it holds a rating of 16 on RateBeer, and a more favorable 77 on Beer Advocate.