Are Taprooms the New Dive Bar?

For the budding craft drinker, the answer is yes.


Imagine if Cards Against Humanity had a baby with a beer critic. You would get something like Brew Ha Ha!. Since Cards Against Humanity is one of the best games of all time (I know I sound like Kanye), combining it with beer means this game doesn’t disappoint.

Brew Ha Ha! is for players over 21 (since it involves drinking beer,) but you certainly don’t need to be a beer aficionado to play. Like Cards Against Humanity, there are two decks of cards: one for nouns and one for adjectives, and players get four from each.

There are two rounds. The first round requires having four or more beers to sample, so playing at a brewery is recommended. One player is the Brewmaster. Every player samples the same beer together, then everyone but the Brewmaster uses between one and four of their cards to describe how the beer tasted. If you hate your cards you can discard one and pick up another — but you’ve gotta take a big swig of your beer.

The cards are the best part. There are funny ones: “Bitter as hell. Just like your ex.” And more serious ones that use beer terminology, for the true snobs in the group. You don’t need to know what all of the terms — like Turbid and Peaty — mean because each card has descriptions to help you out.

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Everyone gives their cards to the Brewmaster who reads them aloud and gives out one beer cap for the best description and one for the most accurate, so you can choose to be funny or on-point, or both if you’re really skilled. After beer caps are given out, a new Brewmaster is picked and players move on to a new beer. The first round ends when all beers have been described.

The second round works in the same fashion, minus the beer. This round the players use their cards to describe the Brewmaster. The Brewmaster still reads the cards and hands out beer caps for best and most accurate descriptions, so get ready to test the strength of your friendships! This round ends when every player has been described.

Whoever has the most beer caps wins the title “Brewmaster of the Universe”, so winning is a pretty big deal.

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