With only my second brew under my belt, I know I am just beginning to peak behind the velvety curtain of the craft brew world, I am incredibly excited and anxious to find out what it has to offer.

I imagine, or tell myself, that many successful craft breweries were at one time in the same place as Sauganash Brewing Co.; just a couple of friends learning about the art of brewing and enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Many likely dream about reaching the tipping point where it is possible to take a small-scale garage operation (or in our case Tom’s apartment),  and transform it into an actual brewery capable of pumping out enough beer to quench the thirst of a small town.

Beyond perfecting and learning about the product, one major hurdle in reaching this point is the lack of fiscal flexibility needed to spread the word about your product.  The beer industry as a whole has always been known for developing unique marketing techniques and gimmicks to draw attention to their products.  Obviously the larger breweries have the resources at their fingertips which small start-up breweries do not.  For that reason, it is always interesting to see some of the unique ways craft breweries get the word out.

Today I came across some content posted by Breckenridge Breweries which takes a swipe at some of the marketing messages pushed out by the larger breweries.  The video above is just one of many ( http://www.breckbrew.com/videos ), but is definitely not the first brewer to use crafty marketing techniques the spread the word.

This goes to show that even on a low budget, and now with social media leveling the playing field, their are so many avenues for brewers to show off their product to potential consumers.  While I’ve never had a beer from Breck Brewery, and don’t even know where I can get one until I return to the motherland, I now feel like I have a good understanding of how they perceive their beer.

Jack has done an amazing job thus far on our branding, and while we are still brewing over an electric stove, I look forward to thinking of crazy and quirky ways we can grow our brand to be a reflection of ourselves.