Lately, it seems, Vancouver has really been setting the standard for how classy and sleek your standard beverage-provider can be (See Steel & Oak and Left Field). So maybe it should come as no surprise that the city in British Columbia has done it again, this time with Brassneck Brewery. Post Projects, also out of Vancouver, was commissioned to design the brand – from visual identity to packaging, print, website and illustration. The final result is a stripped down, stark but whimsical image. Just the kind of sleek, bold design that makes you think, “maybe this is all you need for a brand.” And with all of the afterthought taprooms in existence, this one breaks the mold by being well thought-out, sans the ad hoc.

For a more extensive look at their past brews, and great illustration, check out their beer archive.

The identity makes use of bold typography, starkly contrasted by more loose, whimsical ink drawings by artist Maggie Boyd.

— Post Projects

Images from Post Projects website.