The week following Chicago (and American) Craft Beer Week is usually reserved for rest. A chance for beers fans who may have overexerted themselves during the eleven days of events to relax, reintroduce themselves to their family members, and perhaps detox for a day or two.

The same thing can be said for the breweries, who seem to be using this week to lay low and focus on getting things done internally. With that said, this industry is never stagnant and there is plenty to talk about this week. Check out our latest Hoplinks and let us know what we missed!

Brad Chmielewski from Chicago’s Hop Cast put together this brilliant video summary of his CCBW. We were at several of these events, which ones did you make it to?

Our friends at Ale Syndicate have finally got their fermentors on site! Swing by their Facebook page to check out some photos, send your congrats, and check out our interview and catch up with them on The Hop Review!

Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville is celebrating their two year anniversary with “Oath Day”. Get more information on this Saturday’s event and pick up your last minute tickets to one of the two sessions.

The South Loop is set to be Chicago’s next big beer neighborhood with three new breweries set to open later this yearSloopin pulls together all the brew news including a rebranding of Broad Shoulders (who we chatted with last year) to Motor Row Brewing.

In truly ridiculous fashion, the last few years have been witness to a race to the top of the ABV charts. Who makes the most alcoholic beer? Apparently not Scotland’s Brewmeister and this in depth investigation from The BeerCast unveiled.

Image courtesy of Ale Syndicate