The “biergarten” is certainly not a new concept here in the States, but you might be hard-pressed to say you’ve come across a version that really separates itself. Bay Street Biergarten in Charleston, South Carolina has done a great job to help do just that, and in no small part to design firm Fuzzco. Here, you can enjoy a pint pulled right at your own table, in a setting that it’s more classic than kitsch. A great mix of cleaned up modern design and vintage Bavarian-style illustration and finishes. 

When we were approached about creating their brand, we saw an opportunity to make something special. Letting the restaurant’s “Bavarian Inspired, Southern Made” concept inform our work, we delivered a brand system that includes an engaging web experience, a wide variety of print collateral, environmental graphics, and a custom typeface that is used throughout. It’s an extensive brand that is as unique and playful as a client like Bay Street Biergarten requires.

— Fuzzco

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The custom typeface used throughout, paired with hits of the supporting custom hand-drawn type compliment each other in just the way you’d want a Bavarian-inspired brand to do. These letterforms, consistent 2-color design, and interior/exterior finishes really make for a strong, yet approachable and playful identity. That’s something we can get behind. Prost to that!

Design and images by Fuzzco.