The beginning of September brings beautiful weather, college and pro football, and way too many pumpkin beers. We choose to ignore all that and read up on some stories from around the craft beer world.

In this week’s Hoplinks, a new Chicago brewery opens its doors, Norwegian beer smells like farts, and a hop cone dances at a baseball game. All that and more in the links below! Take a look and let us know what we missed.

Our friends at Vice District Brewing opened their doors to the South Loop this week. Along with our own interview with co-owners Quintin and Curtis, check out a few more pictures of their beautiful space from Eater.

Kim Leshinski of Hail To The Ale (and several other things), shares her thoughts on some of the more eye catching designs seen at your local bottle store. In our ever growing craft market, standing out is key and these brands certainly hit their mark.

Nobody likes farts, especially in their beer. Norway’s Mack Brewery is recalling one of its brand’s entire stock after a build-up of lactic acid in the bottling lines led to the foul smelling odor.

Stone, brewers of the popular Enjoy By series of super fresh IPA’s, are set to premier a new series titled Enjoy After. The first edition, Enjoy After 10.31.15 will be spiked with Brettanomyces upon bottling and should not be opened until the recommended date to allow the beer to properly carbonate.

In one of the stranger stories you’ll read today, the Chicago Cubs’ affiliate, the Boise Hawks, apparently have a hop cone as their mascot. This caused some confusion with the play-by-play announcers at a recent Cubs vs Brewers matchup.

Image from Stone Brewing Company by way of