This week’s news drifts in from all across the globe with interesting tidbits well worth your read. Perhaps the most exciting news for us, however, comes as yet another brewery announces plans to open a city shop. How many is that now?

In this edition of the Hoplinks, a Chicago brewery moves to Chicago, Scots go to Michigan, bottles aren’t made of glass, and some really good breweries are put on a list. Let us know what else went on this week in the world of beer!

NORTHCENTER, CHICAGO – Ten Ninety Brewing has announced that their long awaited city brew space will be in Northcenter. Previously contract brewing through Big Chicago in Zion, Ten Ninety joins the likes of Half Acre, Begyle, and Spiteful in the beer-centric ‘hood.

MICHIGAN – Esquire’s show Brew Dogs filmed an episode at several Michigan breweries this week, which will air sometime in April. The episode’s main story revolves around brewing an Eisbock with Founders, under a frozen lake, in an effort to create the “ultimate Midwestern winter beer.”

GLOBAL – Guys Drinking Beer does a nice job summarizing the recently released Ratebeer list of the Top 100 breweries in the world. Chicago and the Midwest in general is well represented.

GLOBAL – Ready for cardboard bottles? Yes, really. Carlsberg is the process of developing the world’s first 100% biodegradable bottle.

GLOBAL – An interesting take on why it matters who owns a brewery. The recent news of yet more corporate takeovers of craft breweries has spawned this conversation yet again.