We’re back with the Hoplinks this week after a brief hiatus to let the “Budweiser sucks!” storm blow over. Now that the craft industry has calmed down a little, we get to catch up with all that’s been going on, especially on the home front.

In this week’s Hoplinks, we focus on our local scene as a brewery expands, another adds a year-round staple, a guy who knows a lot about beer wants to talk to you about it, and yet another brewery looks to you to get themselves started. Let us know what else is going on in the comments!

CHICAGO – Yet another Chicago brewery start up is asking for donations to get their dream on the road. This time, Olde Bulldog Brewing is looking for $20,000 worth of Kickstarter backing for their planned, Northcenter brewery.

CHICAGO – Revolution Brewing announced that they’ll be tripling capacity at their Avondale production facility.The expansion will allow for up to 300,000 barrels of the fist themed brew to be produced annually.

CHICAGO – Half Acre announced a new addition to their year-round lineup. Lead Feather, a 6% Black Ale, is available in their tap room today, around town on draft soon, and will be finding it’s way into the usual 16 ounce cans in March.

CHICAGO – Interested in taking the next step in the Cicerone Certification Program? Founder Ray Daniels will be hosting a Twitter Chat on Monday, February 23rd to talking about their courses. Follow Ray @cicerone_org and use the hashtag #roadtocicerone for a shot at winning one of their coursebooks.

USA – After the now infamous “Brewed the Hard Way” Budweiser Superbowl ad aired a couple weekends ago, we’ve seen reactions from all over the craft world and even competitors in the macro-space. Now, Budweiser themselves have responded in an attempt to stem the negative uproar from the microbrewing community.

Image from the Half Acre Brewing Co. blog.