Taft’s Ale House is a brewpub operation in Cincinnati, hometown of the beloved (to some) 27th president, William H. Taft. Concepted and designed for Taft’s by New Jersey design firm, 1 Trick Pony, this unique packaging settles any debate as to what to what to enjoy for the 27 days leading up to Christmas. This limited-edition, holiday release tosses chocolate candies to the curb, to make way for a couple dozen chocolate brown porters. The porter was given the name, Liquid Advent, to pay homage to the Ale House’s location in a renovated church in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati.

The porters are “brewed with cinnamon, chiles, cacao nibs and roasted cacao husks from Maverick Chocolate.” The concept is pretty spot on. Only trouble now is A) finding a fridge big enough to house this behemoth, and B) cutting into each day’s numbered space with as neat precision as shown in these photos. Still, I’d rather one of these for yuletide than a load of unsatisfying Russell Stover santas.



Images from 1 Trick Pony.