BrewLights is, without a doubt, one of the more unique beer events we’ve been to. Who wouldn’t want to sip 12 different beers whilst walking through the brilliantly lit Lincoln Park Zoo? You can even feel good about your visit as proceeds from ticket sales go toward keeping the zoo running and free year-round. Unfortunately, last year’s event was marred by a number of organizational issues, resulting in extremely long lines and very cold hands.

For BrewLights 2015, the Lincoln Park Zoo and Louis Glunz beer clearly listened to feedback and wholesale changes were everywhere. The biggest improvement came at the beer tents, with this year’s event featuring smaller stations spread throughout the zoo. This resulted in much shorter lines and a lot more opportunity to try out each of the available beers. The zoo also felt much more open this year, with several new places to warm up and more access to the animals.

We were a little skeptical going into this year’s event following our experience in 2014. After last night’s BrewLights and the organizers obvious effort to listen to community feedback, we won’t hesitate to come back next December.