In this week’s Hoplinks, craft brewers get into a quibble, a guild aims to help you figure out what the heck you just drank, some crafty beer products hit the market, and we’re told yet again that “craft beer culture must die.”

Let us know what else we missed and enjoy the weather this weekend. Happy Friday!

MICHIGAN/N. CAROLINA – This week has witnessed the unfortunate confrontation between Michigan giant Bell’s Brewery and Sylva, N.C’s Innovation Brewing over a trademark dispute. In what has now devolved into a war of lawyers and social media posts, Innovation has now responded to Bell’s allegations from earlier in the week.

CHICAGO – To celebrate the launch of Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewing in Chicago, distributor Lakeshore Beverage is hosting a release party at their home base in West Town. The March 23rd event is invite only and the only way to get an invite is enter to win tickets.

CHICAGO – Lincoln Park craft beer mecca Local Option is celebrating “Pi Observance Day” Friday… on 3.13. Ignore the questionable date and check out the unbelievable tap list for tonight’s event. Also, take a look back at our interview with the Bierwerkers from early 2014.

USA – The Brewer’s Guild has created a style guide that covers just about everything you need to know about the myriad of styles available today. The well designed UI also includes a “Beer Style Finder” that will help you narrow down that tricky brew you had last night.

USA – This week, we stumbled upon two interesting craft beer products that might catch your fancy. The first is a Beer Cap Map, made of wood for storing your favourite beer caps. The second is a Kickstarter called DrinkTanks, already well passed their goal, aiming to build the a portable keg/growler. Should make for some interesting summer picnics!

AUSTRALIA – “Craft beer culture must die.” Or so says one Australian who’s fed up with the craft beer revolution “taking over” the bars where she likes to drink.