We switch gears briefly here, from our weekly “Beer & Branding,” in order to feature that hard apple beverage. It’s Cider Week here in Chicago (Feb. 3-8) – and although this particular brand isn’t from our fine city, it is from another great town who has been nailing the cider game. Seattle brings us another pretty brand, by way of No. 6 Cider, and she’s a beaut. The identity and packaging were designed by transcontinental firm, Creature, of Seattle and London respectively. Self-described as a “global group of thinkers, makers and creators of things,” Creature has certainly made something nice to look at with No. 6. The name and visual components were inspired by the No. 6 Summit Tunnel hand dug through the Sierra Mountains. This uber-blue-collar inspiration shows through with prevalence in this tidied up branding effort. 

From the No. 6 website: ” In 1867, it took the fortitude and labor of over 10,000 men to bore the Number 6 Summit Tunnel through the Sierra Mountains. It’s the most deadly and ambitious tunnel ever built, and a symbolic reminder that with grand endeavors come great toil. We’re a smaller crew at No. 6 Ciders, but no less ambitious. We crafted our ciders with a will to persevere. After experimenting with nearly a thousand recipes, we’ve created the perfect refreshment for new frontiers. We hope it fortifies you in your great endeavors. Onward.”

Images from Creature’s Behance.