Whether or not you got your hands on Dark Lord Day tickets, there’s no shortage of craft beer events to keep you entertained this weekend. 3 Floyds’ showcase event has grown so large, and the demand for tickets so extreme, that other beer destinations around the city cater to those who don’t want to make the drive to Indiana. If you decided to make the trip, wrap up warm, grab something waterproof, and keep an eye out for The Hop Review. We’re looking forward to our first DLD and the beer trading that comes with it.

To get you warmed up for the weekend, take a look through a few craft beer highlights from the past week. In this week’s Hoplinks, 3 Floyds takes a stand, men are accused of lies, new beers are released, old beer gets sold, and we recognize the anniversary of an important riot.

Have a great weekend everyone!

MUNSTER, IN – 3 Floyds is taking a pro-gay stand at Saturday’s Dark Lord Day. After Indiana Governor Mike Pence the controversial Freedom of Religion Restoration Act,  the brewery received many calls from outsiders to cancel their biggest event of the year in protest. Instead of canceling Dark Lord Day, 3 Floyds booked “gener-bending” New Orleans hip-hop artist Big Freedia to perform at the festival. [DNAinfo]

USA – Popular beer writer The Beer Wench stirred up quite the ruckus this week after she posted her Thrillist article “6 Dirty Lies Men Spread About Women and Beer.” The article leveled several questionable accusations at men’s perception of women drinking beer.  Kate Gallagher, owner of Chicago’s Northdown  Cafe and Taproom, responded to the article on the restaurants new blog. An interesting read, no matter which side of the argument you stand on. [Northdown Blog]

CHICAGO, IL – This Tuesday saw the anniversary of a particularly important event in Chicago’s extensive beer history. On April 21st, 1855, 

The Lager Beer Riots swept through the city after laws were instituted restricting Sunday beer sales and raising taxes on local Saloons. [Chicago History Today]

CHICAGO, ILBerghoff Brewery strays from their traditional German beer style roots to introduce an IPA, their first. The Berghoff IPA will release alongside another new style in their catalogue, the Hop-Forward Pilsner, on May 4th. The promotion of these newbies will continue into CCBW. [Chicago Business Journal]

WEST LOOP, CHICAGO – Missed out on Bourbon County Stout last year? Good news! All you need is a playoff ticket to a Blackhawks or Bulls game, and a $14, 5-ounce pour could be yours. A new variant of the much sought-after brew will available as each team progresses to the next round of the playoffs. [Chicago Tribune]

Image from 3 Floyds’ Facebook