As one of London’s boroughs best known for its grunginess and up-and-coming-ness, it’s only fitting that a brewery with the Brixton namesake carry the same aesthetic. Enter, Brixton Brewery. With it’s colorful, unpolished and artistic reputation (David Bowie was even born here), the neighborhood has embraced the 2013-founded brewery. And as is the trend in London, they’re located in an old railway arch–where character is not lacking. 

The design credits go to Australian born, Brixton based designer Emma Scott Child. The branding–most visually portrayed through its packaging–is a refreshingly bold and colorful identity system. The simplistic format and combination of the stand-alone “B” combined with each beer’s primary color and pattern keep them consistent and instantly identifiable. They make for an impressive balance of weathered and vibrant, fitting for the area. The brewery speaks to their influence by saying: “We’re inspired by the manic energy of the area, with all its history, noise and vibrant mix of cultures and people. We love being a part of it, and we want to share a little piece with you.”

So, if you get to London, make sure a stop to this neighborhood and brewery is on the list. And just be prepared to encounter a borough that is equal parts grunge–borderline seediness–and equal parts trendy. Cheers.

We’re an independent brewery making the kind of gutsy, flavourful beer we want to drink in the area we love. We’re doing our bit to put our part of South London on the map for those who appreciate distinctive, handcrafted beers.