If you follow this column, you might have caught on that there are a few places around the world that have caught our attention in terms of great beer packaging design, over the past few years. Canada, the UK, Denmark, and Australia to name a few–the latter of which has been pushing the boundaries on just what beer packaging should look like, or better yet, what it doesn’t need to look like–it can be overly quirky, layered, or starkly modern. It’s as if to say, “just because we’re a craft brewery doesn’t mean our label’s visuals need to be a big, ambiguous pattern…”

Yet another prime example of great design from Australia comes through, here, in the form of Brouhaha Brewery, out of Maleny, just north of Brisbane on the east coast. The brewery’s name reads like a punny beer festival, but their aesthetic is the perfect balance of crisp, clean and playful. From the airy greenery-filled taproom to the bold condensed typography to the bright color palette and hand drawn illustrations…it’s all been considered. And the contrast in styles seems like it might not work together, but it does and in great harmony.

Conceived by artist and designer

Dave Byrne, the brand is pared down to the essentials, without losing any personality. It’s smart, in a way that as a designer, when you see it, you instantly say to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” For those of you who are type nerds, you may understand how big tall, bold condensed typography can come across as stark, institutional and even brutalist in style. But here, that type choice on Brouhaha’s packaging and signage is paired with bright pops of color, making it a friendly touchpoint for the brand.

This is type and color done well. And, a welcome break from what’s been expected in the world of beer packaging in recent years…


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