Green Flash Brewing Company, the once prevalent San Diego-based outfit is back on the scene with a new identity for 2019, after foreclosing on the original brewery business and a sale to a Michigan-based equity firm in mid-2018. 

With their fresh look comes a refined logo (finally!), a brighter color palette, bold typography, and a step away from their previous, distinctive–and fairly awkward–bottle silhouettes. Another welcomed return is the brand’s “highly anticipated return of the original 7.0%-ABV West Coast IPA,” which had been a staple in their portfolio since the brewery’s beginning in 2002.

The new branding is intended to reconnect Green Flash with its San Diego origins and the can and bottle carriers prominently features custom artwork by illustrator Matthew Jay Fleming, depicting the “vibrant San Diego lifestyle.”

A lineup of core beer–West Coast IPA, Tropical DNA (hazy IPA), Soul Style IPA, GFB Blonde Ale–will be the focus for Green Flash in 2019, with a strong roster of rotating special release beers. Additionally, all core beers will now, additionally, be offered in 12-ounce cans.

  Logo before & after…thankfully.
Logo before & after…thankfully.

Our new visual identity represents a dramatic shift for the Green Flash brand and reinforces its origin as one of the original San Diego craft beers.

— Ben Widseth, Green Flash Brewing Co. VP of Marketing

  Bottles before & after
Bottles before & after

As the craft-beer landscape evolves, Green Flash remains focused on innovating its beers and packaging to meet the diverse and changing expectations of drinkers. 

— Ben Widseth, Green Flash

Images from Green Flash Brewing.