Marrying vintage influences with modern applications is an often-attempted approach in packaging design. And just as often as it is tried, it can also feel forced. One brewery in West Texas has managed to find a friendly balance in joining these two worlds. A pioneer-inspired beer brand built for Texas, Cisco’s Red Gap Brewing is charming and gritty. And for that aesthetic, they have Dallas-based design firm

Matchbox Studio to thank.

The brewery’s identity plays off of nostalgia and old Wild West vibes, in a manner that gives preferential treatment to the strong use of type and color. Rust-red, black, white, and gold accents plus subtle and clever uses of texture and pattern make for some visually pleasing results. Couple those elements with some witty copy, and you’ve got a lineup of packaging that would certainly have you wanting a Big Dam Porter, Big Chief Bock or 1878 Lager to keep cool in that West Texas sun.


Design by, and images from Matchbox Studio.