Beer & Branding: Slipstream Brewing

We’ve covered beer design out of Australia in the past, and we’re yet to not be impressed from what we’ve seen from the craft beer scene in that corner of the world. Here, we’ve got another great visual identity full of energetic type, illustrations with personality, bright colors and a beautiful packaging system. The brewery? Brisbane’s

Slipstream Brewing Company.

The brand and packaging system was designed by Gold Coast-based VERG, the studio effort of Matt Vergotis. A restrained sky blue, navy and tangerine color palette gets stacked across all 12oz. cans, to create a banded vessel that juxtaposes a vertical script logotype with other identity elements, and is all tied together with a colorful label sticker unique to each beer.

The result is a clearly defined visual system that still allows for enough personality from hand-drawn typography in the beer names, unique spot illustrations, and the overall cheerful color palette. Sitting 9,000 miles away from the source and writing this, I can’t help but think I’d be just a little bit happier if I were sipping one of these quirky cans on the Aussie Gold Coast…


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