After acting as farriers (horseshoe makers) for 25 years, co-founders and longtime homebrewers, Matthew Kiwala and Michael Vallot set out to turn their side passion into a physical brewery in Lincoln, California. Bent Shoe Brewing is a nod to their previous careers, and is set to open as a 15,000 sf, $3M project in the arid central California foothills, northeast of Sacramento.

Tasked with creating the identity and packaging for Bent Shoe was Salt Lake City based Kevin Cantrell Studio, the design practice known for it’s elegant typography, patterning and filigree. What resulted was an elaborate and decorated identity system with a strong nod to the ‘old west’. 

[From Kevin Cantrell Studio website:] “Bent Shoe Brewing is for those who make. Forging beers in Lincoln, California since 2015, BSB was established by hard working farriers of 25 years with the same attention to detail and craft. Their mission continues: to forge excellence with each beer that satiates the thirst of the hard working American. KCS created a comprehensive brand standards across multiple brand touchpoints to ensure brand integrity throughout. From packaging to stationery to a digital presence, BSB is crafted with the highest attention to detail.”

Design by Kevin Cantrell Studio & images from