Vancouver has continued pushing the standard for how sleek and industrial minimalist your local craft beer provider can be (See our previous reviews for BC’s Brassneck Steel & Oak). And British Columbia has done it once more. And yet again, it’s thanks to the retrained design of Vancouver’s Post Projects. The latest from the boutique design studio: Faculty Brewing Co.

The small brewery (7-barrel, 1,450 sf) and ‘tasting lounge’ opened in summer 2016 and is located in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of the city. Faculty was started by a husband and wife team, Mauricio and Alicia Lozano. They state their goal as an effort to “increase the consumption and appreciation of local craft beer by simplifying the brewing process.”

Alicia, the brewery’s architect, and Mauricio, a former professor and now head brewer, set out to make the expansive world of craft beer a little more approachable–and informative.

“Many people are hesitant to ask questions and learn more about how craft beer is made. Faculty Brewing Co. was created to be an inclusive and open environment for beer drinkers of any level. We believe that increasing craft beer education will increase craft beer consumption.” 

Their unique approach is that the brewery will share all the information behind the brewing process, including the recipes. They’ve also set out to work with other breweries and local homebrewers to test new recipes and experiment with innovative ideas. 

“Like a university or college, Faculty Brewing Co. is meant to be a place of idea-sharing and collaboration.” 

Whether you’re a craft beer aficionado or you don’t even know what ‘lager’ means, we’ve got a seat saved for you.

— Faculty Brewing Co.

We believe in increasing craft beer education and lending useful information for navigating Vancouver’s thriving local craft scene.

— Faculty Brewing Co.


Photography from Post Projects.