Some folks might argue that New Jersey’s beer flat out…sucks. It’s been a while since I’ve visited the seaside state, myself, so I’ve got no room to argue it either way. However, if I were in search of any one of the Garden State’s offerings on my next visit, it would likely be Cherry Hill’s Forgotten Boardwalk. The brewery, located across the Delaware River from Philly, began only in 2014, led by Jamie Queli, one of the youngest female brewery owners in the U.S. (28 at the time). But already the outfit has built a cult following, creating buzz at least as far as the Midwest. 

Admittedly, that buzz for me (sadly never having tried the beers), comes strictly from the brewery’s striking look. And for that quirky triple eye-catching design, the credit goes to Nashville’s Perky Bros. Design. Perky Bros. just might be one of the best small design firms in the U.S., and this Forgotten Boardwalk branding was the perfect forum to showcase their talents. The Tennessee design duo describes the beermaker as “an artfully devious microbrewery and teller of tales.” ‘Perky’ goes on to say, “The brewery seeks to craft beer that sparks curiosities through deliciously unique flavors and the folklore of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk.” 

And, even further positioning the design approach, the firm explains:

“The identity brings to life the stories of sideshow oddities, historic events and darker side of the boardwalk’s past, while filtering it through a quirky, yet restrained visual lens. The packaging’s design and minimal palette creates a clear and inviting presence on the typically cluttered retail shelf. The brand mascot, inspired by the feral cats living underneath the boardwalk, narrates our pretty true ‘tails’ as well as serves as a consistent visual thread from logo to the beer taps.”

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