Toronto’s beer scene houses several beautifully branded breweries. And now, the city can add Halo Brewery to its list. The brewery needed a lineup of packaged beers to offer visitors to their taproom. The resulting vibrant lineup mirrors Halo’s adventurous brewing approach, designed by fellow Torontoans, Underline Studio. And as far as we could guess is what a collaboration between Other Half and Cloudwater might look like, visually. The geometric illustrations are a bit ambiguous, and might even lean trendy in the current beer landscape – but they still provide a bright, cheery and intriguing spin on your typical neighborhood taproom’s aesthetic.

More from Underline Studio’s site:

“Halo is an adventurous brewery that takes the traditional recipes of rare styles of beer and then experiments with the ingredients. With a taproom and bottle shop that welcome inquisitive visitors, the brewery needed an approachable brand that matched its unconventional sensibilities. Underline created a logo, labels, packaging and promotional items that use geometric patterns in unexpected colors, resulting in a look that is energetic, modern and a bit rebellious.”



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