Seismic Brewing is a new independent brewery located in Sonoma County, California. As soon as I stumbled upon their packaging online, I was awestruck by the illustration detail. Those visuals–executed by Indianapolis design duo and no strangers to food and beverage packaging, Emrich Office. You might recognize illustrator Josh Emrich’s work from other beer projects like Copper Kettle, Grimm Brothers, Bottle Logic, and Speakeasy Ales. His distinct mid-century modern style plays out again here, this time with a Japanese wood cut influence.

And as is mentioned on the design firm’s site, each 6-pack case is designed in such a manner, that when it is lined up on the shelf, the illustrations integrate seamlessly into each other for an impactful billboarding effect.

These are certainly a few beers I will be keeping an eye out for on shelves the next time a California trip is in order…


In Japanese mythology, Namazu is a monster catfish, responsible for causing earthquakes by thrashing his tail. The packaging illustration was inspired by Japanese wood cut prints and decorative man hole covers.

— Emrich Office

All of the “cracks” in Seismic’s packaging illustration connect to create a river of cracks when their products are placed side by side to create a billboarding effect.

“Shatter cones are rock formations formed under extreme forces caused by earthquakes, meteor strikes, or nuclear explosions.” – Emrich Office


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