North of Denver, and just east of Fort Collins, sits Greeley, Colorado. There, you’ll find WeldWerks Brewing Company. Recently, this small brewery and taproom released their first packaged beers, for their barrel-aged series, “Medianoche,” as well as their “Achromatic” lineup. 

Their brand is strikingly type-driven and leans on a slightly more refined take on the primary color set. It is, above anything, playful–a welcome take on a craft packaging system, where all too often all things ‘barrel-aged’ come across as too serious.

The designer behind the layouts is Fort Collins-based Kevin Kroneberger. Something about his aesthetic just says “Colorado.” And in this case, the the slightly weathered look of the WeldWerks brand and labeling fits the bill. The name seems to imply a rich rail history, while the typesetting and treatment of the packaging hints to old-world letterpress techniques (with a modern twist). Finishing out the bottle’s designs are thoughtful considerations for bottled-on dates and ingredients lists.

These items–paired with the container’s distinct silhouette–make for a result that is as visually balanced and intriguing as the beers that are contained within.

Images & photography by Kevin Kroneberger and from