I love beer. And wine. And a beautifully crafted whiskey cocktail. Unfortunately, enjoying a few of the aforementioned have often led to horrific hangovers.  

My strategy is usually to dose myself with aspirin following a night of revelry and hope for the best. As a result, I jump at the chance to try anything that might relieve my next day suffering. Enter: ClearVia.

Following a night of ‘what-seemed-to-be-a-reasonable-amount-at-the-time’ bottle share, I ended the evening by sampling a packet of ClearVia. One box contains five handy little packets (well small enough to tuck into your pocket). The taste is something resembling sour Skittles, deliciously in line with my (sour beer) taste profile of choice. Pouring one under my tongue, I downed a glass of water (another handy plus) and promptly passed out on arriving home.

And guess what? It worked. I’m no scientist so I don’t know exactly how, but according to the geniuses at ClearVia, the powder helps support your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol. The following Sunday, I managed to be up in time to make it to breakfast and enjoy a Bloody Mary with bacon and eggs. No excuses, no grogginess, and best of all, no dull, thudding feeling. I was even clear-headed enough to write this review.

So this is what a normal Sunday feels like…thanks, ClearVia!


ClearVia is a clinically tested probiotic blend that supports your body’s natural ability to metabolize alcohol* and manages the negative effects of drinking while you sleep. Simply take one packet before bed, and wake up clear and sharp the next morning. 

When you drink alcohol, it’s metabolized in your liver. Without ClearVia, your liver turns alcohol into acetaldehyde (the ‘bad stuff’) before it can become acetic acid (the ‘good stuff’). Acetaldehyde build-up is what causes that morning misery. ClearVia’s blend is what helps turn that bad stuff into more of the good stuff. 

So no more sacrificing your mornings just because you wanted to join in on that happy hour, pub crawl, bottle share or beer fest. Plan to reset while you sleep, with ClearVia.

We’re teaming up with our friends at ClearVia, so that you can try for yourself. 
Use the code “REVIEW3HOP” for $3.00 off any SKU at clearvia.com.


*These statements are that of ClearVia and have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always drink responsibly.