In this week’s Hoplinks, a culinary beer is available in bottles for the first time, a local brewer aims to get more beer in your hand, an awesome collab is announced, the first beer festival of spring is upon us, and an Oregon brewery hits the road in more ways than one. Let us know what else we missed this week in the comments.

RAVENSWOOD, CHICAGO — Culinary brewer Band of Bohemia announced they’ll be packaging their food-centric beers in bottles for on site consumption. The restaurant themes their entire menu around their beer list and this will provide another option for customers interested in pairing beer with their food. [Band of Bohemia Twitter]

BOWMANVILLE, CHICAGO — English inspired brewery Aquanaut has signed with distributor Lakeshore Beverage. Hopefully this means we’ll see more of their 16 ounce cans throughout the city. Check out our interview with Aquanaut’s founder Eric McNeil from last year. [Lakeshore Beverage blog]

AUSTIN, TEXAS — In one of the cooler collaborations we’ve seen, Chicago’s Local Option traveled to the Lone Star State to brew with Jester King. Feral Dampf, their take on an old school steam beer, was allowed to cool overnight in Jester King’s coolship, which promises all kinds of Texan microorganism flavors. If you’d like to try it for yourself in Chicago, head to Local Option on April 22nd[Jester King blog]

LAKEVIEW, CHICAGO — Distributor Louis Glunz and everyone’s go-to beer patio Sheffield’s are hosting Spring Beer Fest on April 23rd. Tickets cost $10 with samples going for $1 each. The festival features 40 breweries, both local and from around the world. [THR Wire]

BEND, OREGON — Deschutes Brewery is hitting the road again this year, taking their “Street Pub” to six cities across the country, including Chicago. In other news, the brewery recently announced an East Coast expansion in Roanoke, VA, with construction set to begin in 2019. [THR Wire]


Photo from our interview with the crew at Aquanaut in Summer 2016